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Vision and Mission

Our Corporate philosophy is to strive for excellence in the field of security and safety and our vision is to be a world class security and safety management provider in Singapore and beyond.

We are devoted to customer satisfaction and consistently strive to understand the customer’s changing needs while maintaining an exceptional level of quality service that will enhance the safety and security of their workplace environment at all times.

We strive to achieve personnel and professional growth while expanding the strength of our organization. Corporate growth allows us to further the opportunities for our employees and fulfil our commitment to our customers.

Our Quality of Security Manpower

Our Operations Managers/Operations Executives and Night Field Operations Controllers and Base Operations Controllers will check on the attendance of the guards and the performance of the Security Guards daily Day & Night.

Our 24 hours Operations Control will call all the assignments Day & Night to check on attendance and to ensure full attendance. Our Night Field Operations Controllers will conduct surprise checks to ensure that the Security Personnel are alert and awake are performing their duties as per Standard Operational Procedures (SOP).

Accreditation and Certification: