Managing Director:

Our Managing Director, Mr Tamilsilvon has 36 years’ experience in the security industry. After setting up and running two previous Security Agencies,he started Hallmark Security Management . Prior to starting the Security agencies, he has worked in many multinational corporations, with overall responsibility for the marketing, administration, human resource and operations of the security companies which includes the recruitment, training, deployment, employee welfare of the employees.

He was recognized for distinguished service at DFS, a multi-national organisation where he was instrumental on in reducing financial losses by solving internal fraud cases. He was responsible for the overall safety and security of the company and implemented strategic initiatives to significantly reduced areas of risk related to security, stock loss and safety. In addition he has provided comprehensive loss prevention and Security Service encompassing Investigations, Security Audits and Training and introduced Contingency Crisis Management.

His excellent planning and leadership skills had resulted in the protection and safeguarding of all company’s assets as well as increasing security through on-going development and improvement of security standards and procedures, systems improvements and procedural safeguards in liaison with Operations, Finance and Internal Audit Departments on the prevention and detention of theft or fraud and reduction of losses.

Mr Ellil Mathiyan, brings with him a wealth of experience from both the military and IT sectors. Having been involved with high security weapon systems installation during his distinguished military service, he is able to complement the extensive commercial experience of the Managing Director. He has been responsible for the overall security of entire installation sites, overseeing all aspects of security and safety.

His IT background also enables the company to leverage on he advanced technologies that are now available in the security industry, to deliver security services that are comprehensive, robust, reliable and efficient.

In addition, his experience with all aspects of safety and safety certification (including ISO, SS506 and OHSAS standards) will ensure a high level of safety awareness and compliance, not only for the company and its employees, but also for the client, their staff, tenants, residents and all other stakeholders.

Accreditation and Certification: