Our Services:

Security Officer Services:
We provide Security Officer Services to Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Factories, Schools, Condominiums, Events, Show Flats, Shopping Complexes, Retail Outlets, High End Retail Boutiques, Escort Services, Concierge, Receptionists and Ad-Hoc Security Services. We have well trained Security Officers who are certified by the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department.

Loss Prevention Officers:
Hallmark Security Management’s Loss Prevention Officers are well trained in all aspects of Loss Prevention in Retail Boutiques and Departmental stores. Our officers are professionally trained in Customer Service and are discreet when dealing with customers. The main focus will be in deterring theft and prevention of losses through their presence at the stores.

High End Retail Boutique Officers:
Our Retail Boutique Security Officers are well groomed. The Officers are trained in Customer Service and project a professional image at the High end boutiques. They will be at the smartly dressed in suits.

Retail Cash Audits:
We have a team of officers who are trained in Retail cash audits on cashiering staff. We can conduct an independent cash audit on your cashiering staff’s sales collections together with your management to tally the collections with the till readings. Cash discrepancies is a major concern as it can lead to Retail stock losses.

Escorts of High Value Items:
We do Escorts of High Value Items.

Accreditation and Certification: